“Innovation India Dog Wheelchair helps your pet to workout, support them in walking, offload their joint pressure and boost them up psychologically”

“Our main purpose is to enable your pet overcome its disabilities and help them to live a comfortable life”

To know more about the uses of the wheelchair the detailed uses are given below. It will hardly take 3 minutes to read this article​.


The handicap dog wheelchair acts like a walking assistant for your disabled pet. It enables your pet dog to walk around on their own and accommodate well with the surroundings. Doggie wheel cart provides comfort for your pet dog and help to reduce their pain. Dogs and cats can do their most routine activities with the help of the wheelchair. The dog wheels are a perfect product for well being of your pet by enhancing body movements.


Exercise is any bodily activity or the movement that enhances the body's ability, maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness of any mammal. The Dog cart helps your pet dog in enhancing body movements  and thereby prevent the wasting of the muscle. These activities enable them to work out and maintains their normal body postures.


Disability can happen to any pet. The dog wheelchair supports your pet to turn this disability into ability by providing the necessary supports to its legs. The wheels enable a pet dog to move and walk from its own legs and do other coordinated body movements.

Uses of Innovation India handicap pet dog wheelchair


The Dog wheelchair helps to distribute the pressure which minimizes the pain and the pressure on various joints of your pet. It helps your pet dog to walk properly. The pressure of whole body lies onto various leg joints while walking. The wheelchairs distribute the pressure on the leg joints and all over the body there by reduce pain of your beloved pet dog.


The Dog Wheelchair psychologically boosts up your disabled pets. The disabled pets may be not able to walk properly. The wheelchairs open up and strengthen the muscles of the pet while walkingWhen the pets are paralyzed they face greater problems in urinating and excretion the dog wheelchairs helps the pet to face this problem and boosts them up psychologically.


When the dog is paralyzed the pet dog starts gaining weight due to lack of exercise and leads to obesity. Obesity is the precursor of many more problems and disrupts normal physiological functions of your pet dog. While, walking the pet stays stiff and have a perfect body shape. The wheelchair helps your pet in body movements and the dog is able to work out and exercise which helps your pet to prevent obesity.


The disabled pet dog develops bed sores as they are incapable in body movements and walking. The dog wheelchair supports your pet physically, mentally and support them in proper body movements. This enhances blood circulation to the areas generally prone to development of bed sores. Once developed bed sores are difficult to manage and get rid of. Therefore, prevention using doggy wheels is always better than cure.


When the dog is paralyzed the dog is not able to do the body movements. Pet dog being not able to walk they keep on sitting at one place and get depressed. The paralyzed dog is not able to survive for long. While wearing the dog wheelchair the same  paralyzed dog is able to do body movements and walking. These exercises and ability to perform routine activities make pet dog survive long and enhances the longevity of the pet.



“Dog wheelchairs of Innovation India are specially designed separately for the male and female along with good clearance for urination. They are made adjustable according to the measurements of your pet leaving minimal fitting issues”

We are always ready to serve you and your pet for the best rehabilitation aid and care. The basic principle is to align of gravity of pet with that of wheelchair for best outcomes. To know more about the wheelchair the point wise details are given below, It will hardly take 4 minutes to read this article.


Customization of dog wheelchair is necessary for best fitting and proper rehabilitationInnovation India dog wheelchairs are customized for the each pet. Various important measures of variability like breed, age groups, gender and body condition of pet consideration while designing a wheelchair for your beloved pet. Customization is one of the integral steps in proper fitting and rehabilitation of pet. The measurements of your pet and comfort level. Kindly have a look and understand how we achieve this marvel​


Wheelchair is prepared according to the breeds. Breed of dog itself tell us of insight about necessary changes in designing. One can very well appraise that breeds like Chihuahua are miniature dogs accordingly need very small and light toy like wheelchairs. Anatomically a Daschund have with very short legs requiring special customization to accommodate and maintenance of minimal clearance from the ground. Dogs like Saint Bernard on the contrary come in the category of the largest dogs which acquires a lot of toughness and durability in wheelchair to withstand their heavy weight. The process of customization is needed in the cases so their wheelchair is perfectly fitted and suited according to their body structures​


We observe of body changes when pets are in their growing stages. Growing pets special attention to create a wheelchair as per their anticipated body growth pattern. A dachshund is going to grow more in length, hounds in height, whereas a Labrador in width. We take care of all these patterns to accommodate future body growth as much as possible depleting unnecessary of another purchase.


Male dogs from below while females from behind. Males do have their genitals dorsally making them prone to compression and abrasions while in wheelchair. We do take care of these things and design wheelchairs for male and female dogs separately. Wheelchairs for male dogs have special provision and space to accommodate their genitals​

Body Condition

Body condition of the pet is one of the important determining factors in designing of the wheelchair. Each pet has different body conditions. Some are fat, some are thin, some are weak and some are strong, while others may be paralyzed with muscle wasting. The different body conditions for designing of the product according to the size and the measurements and accomplished through customization​



Smaller breeds calls for a light a hardy material. Nothing suits better in this situation as aluminium the criteria. Our aluminium wheelchairs are made light- weighted, adjustable and portable​

Material used in Innovation India pet dog wheelchairCushioned Rubbers

Cushioned are gracious, very soft and prevent abrasions where wheelchairs make contact with They are used in wheelchairs for fine cushioning and compression. The rubbers are covered with neoprene cloth to avoid tearing and extend their overall function and life. Neoprene cloth is a skin-friendly fabric, chemically stable, maintains flexibility over a broad temperature range and used for proper cushioning in the wheelchairs​

Tough wheels

The wheelchairs are properly fitted with different size and gauges of wheels as per the requirement of pet. Wheels used by us have smooth running performance, proper revolving resistant and overall toughness. The wheels are tubeless and airless. They have double-bearing from both the sides used in medical grade hospital supply. Compared to their in are light in weight and have longer durability​


Our moto the suffering of the pet with best befitted rehabilitation aid. To attain the same a standard operating procedure is observed each case, which is point wise below​

Teams and services of Innovation India to help in choosing correct dog wheelchair(i). Our customer support creates separate private what’s app case group for each pet. This is not an open group and is specifically made to address related to one pet only. The group has rehab experts and veterinary doctors as group members​

(ii). Pet parents are made group admin of this group, so that if required, they can add their consulting vet, family members or in the group.

(iii). The videos, photographs of pet, diagnostic reports, x-rays if any are our experts and case history is revisited. This selection of legitimate product suitable for your beloved pet as per doctor’s advice. 

(iv). Requisite and relevant information are provided to you by our customer support along with purchase option.

(v). Advance payment against the product is considered as confirmed order. We try to make the customized product within the minimum days and provide it to the customer by courier service.

(vi). We dispatch and provide all the details of the courier service and tracking link of the courier on the group.

Several checks are practiced to provide you customer services and best fitting experience your beloved pet. We advice you to go our return policy beforehand. We are always happy to serve you with best designed wheelchairs for the best results your pet.

“Our motto minimize the suffering- Team Innovation India”​