Join leading Rehab experts to rehabilitate your pet dog

The video given above explains work flow at Innovation India. We have wide range of 50+ products with 700+ variants to support and rehabilitate your pet. Every case is different and it become very difficult to choose the right product actually required to rehabilitate your pet. Why not put this task on rehab experts from Team Innovation India? Fill the form and join leading rehab experts ready to help you out. Fill and submit the form to create and join private whatsapp business group meant exclusively and only for your pet with unique case ID.

Benefits of joining consulting group

Your job as a good pet parent become easier a lot by joining consulting group. You will be able to create and join private whatsapp business group exclusive for your pet with unique case ID. You become a message away from Rehab experts, customer support, manufacturing team, accounts team, shipping team at one place by joining the group. No third party or a person is added by us in your group, although we make you admin and you remain free to add members like your family members, your pet caretaker, consulting vet etc. Communication on whatsapp is bit easy from both sides and all communication remain secured with end to end encryption. You become free to post your queries even outside working hours.

Innovation india manufactures around 50+ rehabilitation products with 700+ variants for old, injured, handicapped pet dogs. The range includes dog wheelchair, dog artificial limbs, dog splints, dog braces, dog protective collars, dog muzzles, dog diapers, dog body wraps, dog orthopedic beds, dog hydrotherapy jackets, dog and pups carrier bags and many more products to count upon. These products have wide range of utilities in various conditions. They need to be applied solo and sometimes in combination for proper rehabilitation. It becomes very difficult for pet owners to decide upon correct product required by their ailing pet dog.

To overcome this problem you simply need to whatsapp a walking video of your pet focusing the problem. If your pet is unable to walk by own take a video while assisting them to walk. Even if pet dog is not able to walk with assistance even a simple video of your pet will be of great help to Rehab experts to appraise body condition of the pet dog. Optionally you can provide x-ray, diagnotic reports, prescription slips of your consulting veterinary doctor. These papers will help the team to revisit your pet case. Our Rehab expert team will come out with pinpoint information about rehabilitation products required to assist your pet dog. Thereafter the case will be taken over by customer support to help you out in purchase and post purchase events.

The customer support team will provide the necessary files to determine the size of prescribed rehabilitation product required by your pet. Accordingly purchase links will be forwarded by the team. Your order will be considered confirmed upon receiving the requisite payment.

Customization is integral to perfect fitting in rehabilitation products. Team will provide you necessary illustrative photographs and media files to help you in taking few measurements of your pet. The mmanufacturing team will take a note of the measurements submitted by the customer. Each product in Innovation India is prepared as per the measurements of the pet.

The shipping team will keep you updated the order processing and estimated dispatch time. The shipping details will be shared after dispatching your product in the whatsapp business group you have joined.

The Rehab expert team will get in touch with you after you recieve Innovation India product. They will analyze the fitting and based upon response and condition of pet suggests you duration and frequency of product usage. The team will remain at your disposal to guide you through future consultancy and pecautions if any you need to take care.

The product will be repaired or replaced if there is manufacturing defect or Rehab expert team feels it necessary. The rehabilitation products donot qualify for refund since they are prepared exclusively for your pet and they cannot be reused owing to medical grounds.

Team Innovation India craves alot for customer feedback and suggestions about our products and services. we feel it is the only way to improve and understand requiremnets of our pet parent families.