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Manufacturing 500+ Rehablitation products. Close association with 5000+ Veterinary Doctors. Doorstep delivery of all the products available

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Dedicated customer support through whatsapp till you use our product. Wednesday - Monday | 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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Scientific Design

We left no stone unturned to provide your beloved pet best suited rehabilitation aids prepared by team of Veterinary doctors, Rehabilitation experts and Biomedical engineers

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Choose need based appropriate veterinary rehabilitation product and buy customize products as per measurements of your pet dog

Conditions in which Innovation India pet dog veterinary rehabilitation products can be used and their special features

Uses & Specialty

Determine in which conditions Innovation India pet dog wheelchair can be used. How it is studded with unique features to provide best comfort without compromising principles of Veterinary Rehabilitation

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Choosing and customizing Innovation India pet dog wheelchair

Types, Sizes & Customization

Determine whether your pet requires "Back body supprt wheelchair" or "Full body support wheelchair", whether an "Aluminium wheelchair" or "CR steel wheelchair" is suitable, also you can ascertain what will be the best befitted size.

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Innovation India pet dog wheelchair based user and utility videos

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See how pet dogs get benefitted using Innovation India custom made wheelchairs. You can go through various sef explanatory user videos pertaining to pet dog wheelchairs

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Innovation India pet dog veterinary rehabilitation articles for customers

Popular Articles

Understand what made your pet dog immobile. How rehabilitation using wheelchair will help your pet dog restore mobility. what are the other related management practices you need to take care for getting better response in short duration. All these in easy to understand simple language with illustrative photograph and videos.

Innovation India pet dog veterinary rehabilitation articles for veterinary doctors

Technical Articles

These articles are meant for Veterinary doctors. These deals with the differential diagnosis for the causes of immobility. Selection of appropriate rehabilitation products for the cases of immobility. Principles of rehabilitation used to manage immobile veterinary patient. Management guide for immobile pets and counselling of pet parents.

Innovation India pet dog veterinary rehabilitation products frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quite obvious that you might be having many queries related to rehabilitation products like wheelchair. we have tried our level best to answer most of the questions on pet dog wheelchair and other related immobility products. We anticipate that you will go through them and become clear about your choice.

Affordable light weight aluminum pet dog wheelchair for back legs

Aluminum back leg support dog wheelchair

Starting ₹ 3700 excl. tax.

Affordable pet dog wheelchair light in weight suitable for small dog breeds like Dachshund. Support body from back side in dogs whose rear legs are not working. Separate design for male and female dogs with all India supply through courier available. These are hand crafted to suit very small structure of your pet. The anatomical considerations while designing helps in very good fitting experience by the pet.

Innovation India affordable low price aluminum pet dog wheelchair for full body support

Aluminum full body support dog wheelchair

Starting ₹ 6000 excl. tax.

Low price light weight version of dog wheelchair designed to support all 4 legs of quadriplegic pet dog whose all 4 legs are not working. Provided with two sling syatem to support full length of dog body. Front wheels let dog move around 360 degree easily within very less space. Gender based designing for male and female dogs undertaken.

Innovation India back body support pet dog wheelchair for medium to heavy dogs

CR steel back leg support dog wheelchair

Starting ₹ 7300 excl. tax.

Low cost two wheel back body support wheelchair with tough and durable powder coated material for medium to heavy dogs. Available even for very large size dog breeds like Saint Bernard. These doggie carts are capable to withstand heavy weights and bumpy Indian roads. Good stature and design helps medium to heavy dog breeds move around easily. differential design for male dogs with due care to accomodate their genital properly is taken.

Affordable low price Innovation India pet dog CR steel wheelchair for full body support

CR steel full body support dog wheelchair

Starting ₹ 8800 excl. tax.

Innovation India brings you sturdy material studded with durable four wheels to support full body of pet dogs unable to use all four legs. If your dog comes under medium to heavy weight category, this makes the right choice. All four wheels are tested to withstand weight of medium to heavy pet dogs. Back framing is diffentially designed for male and female dogs.