'Bruno' in action using Knee brace with front attachment

Bruno was suffering from Arthrosis, maniscus injury, The arthritis is the painful disease. This pain is responsible for many of the signs associated with arthritis. The meniscus injury is all about rupture of the cruciate ligaments. We have provided Knee brace with front attachment to the Bruno for his good daily routine to prevent such type of problem.

'Kallu' in action using Pair Knee Brace

This pet is Kallu. Kallu was suffering from Knee cap problem and tendinitis. The tendinitis in dog is generally caused by traumas when pet jump or run. When the knee cap (Patella) is dislocating from its normal position of the thigh bone, the “Patellar luxation” occurs. It can cause the insecurity and comfort less feeling in dog. It is painful as well. Tendinitis is most commonly occurs in small breeds. The knee brace helps in all kind of knee brace problems in dog.

'Halo' in action using Knee brace

This pet HALO was suffering from "cruciate ligament injury"" which is most common cause of rear leg lameness in dogs and major cause of DJD (Degenerative joint disease). In knee joint, the cruciate ligament injury is very painful disease. The knee brace helps to decrease the pain during the disease.

'Alex' in action using Knee brace

This pet is ALEX. Alex was suffering from joint disease. With the help of Alex's owner, we have provided our product Knee brace at very initial stage of the disease. Alex is in recovery stage and also walking easily and pain free.