'Pluto' in action using Elbow brace

This is Pluto. Pluto was suffering from hygroma. Hygroma generally can form on any bony protuberance that receives body weight. And elbow is most common area to form a hygroma. Due to this problem, it look like swelling and pain while touching. In this type of problem, soft bedding can resolve it. For the same we have manufactured, Elbow brace with soft padding to give good relief to any pet in need.

'Scooby' in action using Elbow brace

This is Scooby. This pet was facing hygroma problem in his elbow. Hygroma is a joint problem, vary in sizes and grow to two inches in diameters. These problems are often bilateral. It can be treated by giving padding in his elbow with pressure. Scooby was also facing unwanted illness. After studying his case with our team, we have made ELBOW BRACE with silicone padding. Now this products has provided good relief to Scooby.

'Dodo' in action using Elbow Brace

This pet is Dodo. Dodo was badly suffering from very well known problem 'Hygroma'. This problem in dog is very common but very painful as it is a joint problem. We have the very useful product to provide relief in hygroma called "Elbow Brace". with the help of this, pet can be strengthen more and slowly remove the depression.