'Sultan' in action using Wheelchair

Here the pet 'Sultan' a German Shepherd, drag itself during the disease. and It converted into another problem like bed sores. Then to treat Sultan, it's parents approached Innovation India to give their pet a happy and healthy life. We have taken an opportunity and customized the Wheelchair for Sultan.

'Simba' in action using Wheelchair

This pet name is 'Simba'. Simba is 8 years old Rottweiler breed dog. Simba is lucky to have the parents like Mr. & Mrs. Joshi. They have noticed the beginning stage symptoms of the disease, half paralysis in Simba. Without wasting the timeand with the help of simba's vet doctor, Joshi family had immediately contacted us within 7 days of promlem. The Innovation India manufacturing team had started designing wheelchair as priority, to treat the paresis in begining stage. Now Simba is in good health and enjoying the daily walk with his family.

'Scooby' in action using wheelchair

This is 'Scooby' from Mumbai. he is 13 year old 'Labrador'. Very passionate pet. He was trying to walk again and again.. their owner was very sad by seeing this all situation. They were helping scooby by lifting him to walk, because scooby were continuously showing the passion to move in-spite of killing pain. We appreciate the doctors and pet owners for their effort to make scooby walk again.. With the help of our manufacturing team, we have designed the wheelchair for scooby to make him walk again.. Now scooby is freely walking and living his life very well.

'Olive' in action using Wheelchair

This pet name is 'Olive'. suffering from paresis like "Mark & Cash". Olive was dragging his body very badly because he cant move from his hind body. After using wheelchair, he was happy by moving around easily.

'Mark' in action using Wheelchair

This pet name is 'Mark'. It is 10 year old German Shepherd. Mark was completely unable to walk as before. Mark's hind limbs were totally damaged because of Paresis. He has suffered a lot. But mark's owner has decided to make him walk again. With their help, we manufactured the wheelchair according to mark's measurement. Now mark is enjoying his walk again by using our wheelchair.

'Cash' in action using Wheelchair

This pet name is 'Cash'. Cash was suffering from well known disease "Parasis". With the help of this pet's parent we have customized Wheelchair for cash. Now pet is in recovery stage by using our customized wheelchair.