Happy to inform that the leg braces have worked well . With a lot of physiotherapy the dog is walking n hopping about well . Thank u . The shoulder brace is not of much use as it's too big . The pectorals are contracted . Working with Physio on that . Hi Innovation India Team! Thank you for your efficient service and prompt help. The body lift brace helps us take our dog (Zimba) for a walk on the road. We lift him with the brace and carry him down the stairs. It's a good option especially for aged dogs. Thank you very much for the product

                                                                                         ~Aruna Jonathan



We are thankful to team innovation india Dr Kuldeep tyagi they give second life to my pet name Jojo German Shepherd. Our Dehradun famous doctor suggest us to give sleep injection to our jojo But doctor Kuldeep Tyagi gave life to our Jojo.

                                                                                                                    ~Amit Agarwal


Our 3 year old Beagle - Calvin tore his Cranial Cruciate Ligament (rear right knee joint) in Dec 2016 and was unable to put any weight on the affected limb.
The prescribed treatment was immobilisation of the leg which was done by a bandage at the vet.
However, the bandage only lasted 4-5 days and so we had to regularly go to the vet - Calvin was really traumatised with these visits.
Innovation India's Knee Brace came as a God send. No more trips to the vet for frequent re-bandaging.
Another advantage is that the brace is only used when we go for walks and up and down the stairs (only means to access our house, unfortunately),
giving Calvin some amount of freedom for his leg to heal naturally as well. Calvin has been improving rapidly and I am hopeful he will make a complete recovery very soon.
The quality of the brace is also top class - material, finish, everything. The delivery was also very fast.
One advice to anyone who does try it out for their loved pet with a knee injury, please fit the brace tightly whenever your pet is out for a walk etc.
Initially we were not keeping it real tight, which led to some movement to the joint and slower progress. Thank you Innovation India - for this great service that you are running! A big thumbs up!!

~Manu Srivastava

Hi Team,

I would like to share a great news here about my Pet Alex (Senior Labrador, 9 Years Old).
Alex was diagnosed with a severe Tick Fever about year back, and this perhaps the worst and scariest thing that can happen to a pet. So, it caused a complete mobility loss to him, but when we were about to loose all hope then our Vet (Dr. Pathak, Ghaziabad) suggested us to consult Innovation India.

And that i believe was the best decision we took, they (Innovation India) recommended a 4 wheel cart for him and shared few other advises on the subject.
We started noticing some great improvements in him after some time using that specialized cart, he was well adapted with his cart and used to getting around. This gave him that much needed push and confidence.

And then few days ago the day came where we witnessed the greatest miracle of our life when he started walking on his own with no support.

Here i would like to congratulate Innovation India team and seriously have no words to express the joy and emotions.

Thank you so much guys πŸ™πŸ™

Prashant Dixit
Sec 3, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad.


         I come to know about Innovation India, while browsing the internet for pet rehabilitation. Then I did a few inquiries and was told that it’s a genuine centre with very helpful staff and have innovative and creative ways of rehabilitating the pet. I went to innovation India with lot of hope as all other means of straightening my pets legs had failed. Was very apprehensive, but I found the doctor to be very attentive and kind. Their aid is not run-of-the-mill aid you find in the market. Custom casts were made and it was designed exactly as per the bumps and curves of my pet’s legs. It fitted him like a glove and he was not uncomfortable even for a day. I am very happy to report that I have used their aid for only about three- four months and my pet’s legs are 75 Percent better. I am sure, another two months and he will be as good as a normal pet. Most pet owners will agree that caring for a disabled pet who is clearly unhappy and unable to verbalize what they are feeling is one of the most frustrating things . Since it’s impossible to instantly make them feel better, watching them suffer is incredibly stressful for both the pet and their guardians. Nothing can be more painful than seeing your Pet friend in pain and Distress. Many a times, we give up hope!! Some look at it as a lifetime burden and commitment and try to find easy way out!! To them I would say that now a new hope has come as " INNOVATION INDIA”, Take your Pet friend there and see the life change!!.Its heartwarming to see a dog who has been confined most of its life be allowed to finally explore the world and be happy again!!Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.


                                                                          ~ Rita Gangwani    

                                                                          Ex. Lieutenant,

                                               Grooming and Personality Development Mentor



    Unlike Maggie whose luck salvaged her fate with portable wheels, her father Scooby struggled with the same disease for four years before succumbing to it.Living with Scooby was tough for us and we customarily went about cleaning and helping him pass urine and stool. ?But Maggie didn?t have to go through hell as she can urinate and defecate while in the cart. She requires less care


                                                                                        ~Gautam Sachdeva

                                                                               Ashiana Exports, Businessmen


   When my 13-year-old Rottweiler, Polo, developed arthritis due to old age, he swung into depression. He would not eat food and would lie weeping in a corner, all day long. Polo's condition only worsened when his body developed bed sores and fungal infection. The vets suggested to opt for mercy killing. But, I decided to look for a solution instead and procured the wheel cart .Within months of being carted around, Polo has replenished his confidence and has also shaken himself off the fungus. ?With his life prolonging by another couple of years, this is like a miracle for him.

                                                                    ~ Dhiren Rajpurohit



This is the first time I have had to buy Innovation India products, and I am very happy to recommend them. The dog (Lucy, a spitz) for whom we ordered the 2 wheel Innocart has a herniated disc and is a paraplegic. For 2 months she was unable to walk, and was receiving daily treatment. On vets suggestion to help her exercise, we received a recommendation to use wheelchairs by Innovation India. Dr Sandeep and Mr Pardeep from Innovation India were very responsive and clarified all my doubts regarding usage, measurements, payment and delivery. On payment, I had requested that the wheelchair be made urgently (in case of relocation to another city) and it is commendable to note that Dr Sandeep personally delivered the product well within the stipulated time. Lucy is happy to be walked in her wheelchair, which itself is well-designed and can be navigated easily. I must thank Innovation India for their brilliant efforts and giving Lucy a new lease on life.


                                                                                              ~Annu Kurien



My pet is a female white labrador called Salsa who was paralysed in her hind legs when she was just 9 months old. She is going to be 5 years old in November and has spent most of her life with her disability. I first heard about Innovation India through Dr. Natasha Coutinho, a vet in Goa who used to work with an NGO called Goa Animal Welfare Trust with whom I was volunteering. We had a dog that had come to the shelter that needed a rehabilitation aid and she suggested we speak to Innovation India. At the time, Salsa my own pet was already using a rehabilitation aid that we had imported from the US. Although it had been made to her specifications, she had outgrown it to an extent and besides, it had its limitations as to what kind of surface she could use it on, because she was too heavy for it and was possibly weighing it down. Soon after we moved to Delhi and I was looking at replacing her wheelcart and I decided to contact Innovation India who very kindly sent their rehabilitation expert to observe and take detailed measurements of Salsa and then manufactured the new wheely in a short time. We have been using the Wheely now for almost a year and are very happy with it. It is light and easy to use and supports her posture enabling her to move with a lot of ease. It has truly set her free. Because of this, she gets a good exercise without us having to worry about her putting too much pressure on her front legs.


                                                                                      ~Radhika Wakharkar 




About a year back we rescued an injured dog from the streets. He was hit by a car and his hind legs were dragging on the road. The vet said that the injury has left him paralyzed for life and that he could not walk normally again. We then ordered for a cart from Innovation India and are very happy with the product. My Remy Martin now walks, runs and plays with his brothers and his so happy and active. Thanks guys for all the effort in delivering an awesome product.


                                                                                ~Anand Krishnan Srinivasan



Very prompt service, they kept their word and got the 2wheel innocart ready for my great dane within a week & we shiiped via air to Bangalore in 2 days....Thanks


                                                                                                      ~Roopa vijay




Dear Dr Tyagi, the cart for our beloved 5 year old Lab - Shep was a GOD send. After having suffered paralysis of his hind quarters, probably due to Tick fever, he could not move for almost 1 1/2 months. Thus, increasingly he had become grumpy, listless & withdrawn, due to medication & because he could not move his body at all. But after fitment of the cart, his entire demeanour, body language & personality has changed. ..He can move around..even chase birds & fetch a ball. Its almost a miracle!! We are so overjoyed looking at his condition now & are praying that due the cart & the changes produced thereby, he is able to achieve a complete recovery. GOD BLESS the entire team of Innovation India....cheers


                                                                                                          ~Sumit Sharma

                                                                                                   Working with Govt of India


Hi Innovation India Team! Thank you for your efficient service and prompt help. The body lift brace helps us take our dog (Zimba) for a walk on the road. We lift him with the brace and carry him down the stairs. It's a good option especially for aged dogs. Thank you very much for the product Best, Vandana Pawar

                                                                                                 ~Vandana Pawar



With God's grace and medication, my dog has started walking again by the day I received ur product ! However I'm keeping the same for any unforeseen deterioration of its health. Thank u for the support.



Dear Dr Sandeep! I have good news. With the blessings of God, Simba was able to walk on all fours to relieve himself (with some support from a harness) in the garden twice this morning after being grounded for seven weeks. He has lost several kilos owing to a restricted diet which may have also helped. Am hoping he will gain in confidence and walk unaided in the next two weeks. Thank you for your support and regular advice at a very challenging time. He is in good spirits and is ok otherwise. I will send a video in due course to give you a sense of his recovery and progress and for any future advice you may wish to offer. My grateful and sincerest thanks once again! Warm regards.


                                                                                                      ~Proud Owner of Simba

                                                                                                               Working women



Thank you so very much to all of you for this cart πŸ™πŸ»..my dog can now go out ..

"Thanks so much for the great job you have done.We are very greatful.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ"

I got inspired from my mother (Mrs.Subha Mukherjee), a die hard animal lover. she always inspired me.My mother requested me first, so that i search a wheelcart for my local dog TINTIN, who all of a sudden got paralyzed. After that, I asked my home vet physician namely Dr.Dipak Kumar De(Kolkata).My Doctor forwarded me all the details, after that i searched for the website and finally i got connected with Innovation India.I felt like am God blessed. Innovation India is doing a great job as what i feel.When i first got connected with Dr Tyagi, an amazing person,the way he helped me.whatever i will be saying about him will be less. Though i checked website and was confident about my product,but it was Dr.Tyagi who repeatedly advised me and helped me.From the very beginning to end Dr Tyagi helped like anything. My special thanks goes to him. When i got that walking wheel for my TINTIN and she started walking after many days,tears filled our eyes. TINTIN got a new life.I think giving \'LIFE\' is the noblest work and Innovation India is doing so directly or indirectly Walking wheels has become a miracle for TINTIN. After using this for one and half months,three months paralyzed TINTIN suddenly one day stands up on her own for 30 secs,second day she stands up and walked for 4 mins and now she can walk with her four legs greeting heartiest good bye to her walking wheels. Nothing more to say after this miracle,only three cheers for INNOVATION INDIA Helping TINTIN and being able to give a second life to her is not only a great feeling for me but also a greatest achievement in my life.But in this regard i should mention the names of those persons without whose contributions this tough journey with sweet ends would have been impossible. I am really thankful to Mrs Subha Mukherjee ( my biological mother, a great inspirer in my life and animal lover ),Mr Prasanta Mukherjee (my biological father),Mr.Rajarshi Banerjee( my supportive husband ) ,Ms.Sukanya Bhattacharya(Ashari animal hospital and shelter in charge), Dr.Dipak Kumar De( HOD, Bengal Veterinary College And Hospital Belgachia), Dr.Subir Bhattacharya ( TINTIN \'s Doctor and he is also there in Belgachia)and Dr.Pari..(TINTIN\'s Doctor in Ashari). THANK GOD


                                                                 ~ Mrs.Piyali Mukherjee Banerjee

                                                                                 Dog Lover


Dear Innovation India Team, Thank you for resolving my earlier problem. I take this opportunity to appreciate your services and also to say that the wheel cart product has proved to be indeed a very useful device and as such has been great support for the dog. Thanks again, Kind Regards

                                                                                     ~ Kedar Nath


After searching for various options for my handicapped pet on internet,I came across wheelchairs prepared by Innovation India team especially for pet animals. I anticipated that this would help my pet to recover, however initially I had a doubt whether it would work but after 30 day found my pet able to walk without the cart support. Thanks Innovation India! Now my pet is able to walk and even run on its own. I can certainly say that Inno Cart would definitely helps paralyzed pet recover. It made me proud as we care for our pet and helped him to live his life happily again...


                                                                                 ~Arun Gopal Velivala


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