Phase III: Presentation Round (Effective presentation submission)

 In this phase III, interns will be able to select for "Presentation Round". They all are able to diectly connect with us on whatspp. We will create individual group of intern, with department wise permanent employee of the company. They will be examiner/observer. This group will be total open group to freely ask any type of questions either it is very small or technical. Interns can directly ask any query or questions, at the moment group members will be connect the group to answer the questions & queries. Generally we believe interns will might have lots of queries during the excecution of this Internship procedure, so in this personal whastspp group other members will be able to solve the query.
Kindly be noted, In this phase III interns will face "Presentation Round". they will have to make "15 slides" of small & effective presentation(PPT). This presentation will show your ability to deal with Veterinary doctors in field as well as your creativity skill. Team will identify your presentation skill that how you will bring out all company product's uses, and make them understood all the company services. Kindly find below some important guidelines, it will be helpful to prepaire good presentation & clear this round too.


    Dear Interns,

           Kindly be noted, this document is all about to provide some simple guidelines. These guidelines will help you to understand basic content of the catalogue file. Have a look of all 55 available company products and try to understand the uses of particulars. It is nearly impossible to directly understand all products and make a presentation. So kindly go through the category wise as given in catalogue.


Kindly find below the tips;


  • Make a normal ‘gist’ document of your presentation by finding all the important aspects out of the catalogue. And then you start your presentation with video recording.
  • You have to make small presentation on given company catalogue, so we can simply check your good skill of presentation.
  • (Note Through this presentation, we will identify how you will use these 15-20 min of meeting with Veterinary doctors to bring out all company products’ uses, and make them understood all the company services, your creativity will be everything for this stage as your presentation files).
  • In this presentation, you have to include your small introduction and then you start introduction of company products and its uses.
  • To make yourself more clear about the products and its uses, you can take help of Internet to find out how these products can be useful for the pet in need.
  • You have to focus on how many products are manufactured in Innovation India. Explain the products by categorising it. (For example – Company has made innovative and successful products like InnoCart & InnoLimb which has been categorised in “Mobility”. It simply means, these are the products which mobilise the pet by giving help to walk or run again through wheelchair (Innocart) & Artificial limb (InnoLimb).
  • You have to send your final presentation file in both format(PPT,PDF). For that, you can directly send your files on our company WhatsApp / Email.

This presentation needs a simple explanation about company motto “Minimize the suffering”. It simply means, through these types of products we can minimize the suffering of pet.          

Time limit - 1 to 2 weeks after successfully completing ‘phase 2’.        

                                                                                                 !!Best of luck!!
Our motto “Minimize the suffering”

                                                                                                  Thanks & Regards