This internship program is basically designed for fresh young talents those want to make their career in rapidly growing pet industry. Cities in India are developing and growing at a very fast pace and so is the pet industry. Indian pet care market is expected to grow with a CAGR of more than 20% in the forecasted period of FY 2017-18 to FY 2021-22. Our company “Innovation India”, since its inception in year 2009 is basically working on very hard core fact that one day every pet becomes old and require special aids for their well-being. Additionally our company is pioneer and sole manufacturer of rehabilitation aids for handicapped and disabled pets. We don’t have competitors but at the same time need to reach more and more veterinary doctors and pet industry people to spread the awareness about availability of pet rehabilitation in India. This Internship program is a sort of outreach program to learn insights of pet care industry and creating business avenues with bilateral gains benefitting millions of pet animals.


There are several direct and indirect benefits associated with this internship program. The program is designed in a way to maximise learning process. An intern can harvest upon following benefits after joining this internship program.

  • An opportunity to establish in person relations with Veterinary doctors and Pet industry people of your vicinity.
  • An experience to deal with out of the box innovative range of pet rehabilitation products with no competing brands
  • Internship allowance of Rs. 10000 per month (all pay and perks included)
  • Likelihoods to be recruited as employee with 1-3 lakh initial package per annum in case of outstanding performance in term of order generation during internship.
  • Issue of internship certificate and conferring status of “Company Facilitator” with limited liabilities to earn 5% commission on future orders placed digitally through them even after completion of internship.
  • No formal dress code with flexible working hours with opportunity to work part time as per the convenience of interns.
  • Pre virtual online training module before start of internship.


          We believe in establishing thorough mutual understanding between company and its interns before final selection. Our interns need to undergo very rigorous selection procedure and subsequent from home virtual online training before being actually deputed to undertake internship. To achieve the same phase wise selection modus operandi has been designed to select dedicated interns with zeal to learn.

Phase I: Self appraisal of Intern

This is a very important phase to understand that, what this symbiont relationship will benefit you and company mutually. There is a pre decided time specific work flow attached to make best out of this internship. To achieve the same we need to have idea of tangible and intangible resources available at your end necessary or desirable for this internship. This simple self-appraisal will help us to understand mutual suitability of company and intern to each other. Additionally, it has been designed to draw out city wise merit list of successful candidates selected for next phase. Kindly fill in the self-appraisal column and assign marks as per the guidelines provided. In case you do not find your category, elaborate “others” in self-appraisal and assign marks as per your judgement but not more than maximum marks. You will be required to send snap of duly filled self-appraisal form along with pics of supporting documents on our WhatsApp number 7069068693. This is required for cross verification and authenticity of self-appraisal claimed by different interns. Footers explaining reasons behind asking these questions have also been provided to the interns. Daily updates on city wise merit list and status of intern application will be posted on our website under the tab Internship. Information about next phase will be communicated to the selected candidates from Phase I. In total there will be 3 phases before final interview and number may vary as per requirement. It will take around one month for communicating final selection or rejection to an intern. We do not want to waste company time and resources behind unserious interns and such applicants will be filtered out on subsequent selection phases on the basis of merit list. It is our humble advice to all interns for taking selection procedure seriously and give best out of yourself.


Phase II: Quiz Round

 Dear Interns, Kindly be noted with this phase "Quiz Round". In this phase II, you will face questions about company products. This phase has been specially made for you to enhance your knowledge and understanding about our company products as required. As per the name suggest, we have set easy and important questions as MCQ format. In that you have to select only one relevant answer. Once you finish your all questions successfully, result will be generating with your score and you will be able to face last phase as “phase III”.
*Kindly go through the company catalogue, this round is designed on basis of the catalogue.

Phase III: Presentation Round (Effective presentation submission)

 In this phase III, interns will be able to select for "Presentation Round". They all are able to diectly connect with us on whatspp. We will create individual group of intern, with department wise permanent employee of the company. They will be examiner/observer. This group will be total open group to freely ask any type of questions either it is very small or technical. Interns can directly ask any query or questions, at the moment group members will be connect the group to answer the questions & queries. Generally we believe interns will might have lots of queries during the excecution of this Internship procedure, so in this personal whastspp group other members will be able to solve the query.
Kindly be noted, In this phase III interns will face "Presentation Round". they will have to make "15 slides" of small & effective presentation(PPT). This presentation will show your ability to deal with Veterinary doctors in field as well as your creativity skill. Team will identify your presentation skill that how you will bring out all company product's uses, and make them understood all the company services.


                                                                                      Thanks & Regard