We believe in establishing thorough mutual understanding between company and its interns before final selection. Our interns need to undergo very rigorous selection procedure and subsequent from home virtual online training before being actually deputed to undertake internship. To achieve the same phase wise selection modus operandi has been designed to select dedicated interns with zeal to learn.

Phase I: Self appraisal of Intern

This is a very important phase to understand that, what this symbiont relationship will benefit you and company mutually. There is a pre decided time specific work flow attached to make best out of this internship. To achieve the same we need to have idea of tangible and intangible resources available at your end necessary or desirable for this internship. This simple self-appraisal will help us to understand mutual suitability of company and intern to each other. Additionally, it has been designed to draw out city wise merit list of successful candidates selected for next phase. Kindly fill in the self-appraisal column and assign marks as per the guidelines provided. In case you do not find your category, elaborate “others” in self-appraisal and assign marks as per your judgement but not more than maximum marks. You will be required to send snap of duly filled self-appraisal form along with pics of supporting documents on our WhatsApp number 7069068693. This is required for cross verification and authenticity of self-appraisal claimed by different interns. Footers explaining reasons behind asking these questions have also been provided to the interns. Daily updates on city wise merit list and status of intern application will be posted on our website under the tab Internship. Information about next phase will be communicated to the selected candidates from Phase I. In total there will be 4-5 phases before final selection and number may vary as per requirement. It will take around one month for communicating final selection or rejection to an intern. We do not want to waste company time and resources behind unserious interns and such applicants will be filtered out on subsequent selection phases on the basis of merit list. It is our humble advice to all interns for taking selection procedure seriously and give best out of yourself.