INNOVATION INDIA is the No. 1 brand in India manufacturing Veterinary Rehabilitation Aids and Accessories for special needs of pet animals.

There was a day when injured pets were "no good anymore." When an animal was hurt, became lame or incontinent, or was for any reason no longer wanted, they were put down, but not anymore because at Innovation India we have come up with a jackpot of alternatives to minimize the sufferings of your beloved pet. No doubt it is the most difficult moment for pet owner as well as for veterinarian to go for mercy killing (euthanasia) of pet. Most of these mercy killings are undertaken due to less availability of equipments and facilities in veterinary profession as compared to highly specialized human medical sciences at least in India. One might wonder why it is so. Some of the major factors are less paying capacity of pet owners and reluctance on the part of animal welfare standards in India. At home, during ailment, preoperative, operative and postoperative requirements of pets are very different from that of humans. Special care, attention, equipments and apparatus are required by them for healthy living. Less availability of specially designed equipments and apparatuses for pets imparts low health standards and operative complications in veterinary patients.  Keeping in view the above background, an idea was generated in the year 2006 to establish Veterinary Rehabilitation Services in India by a core group team of Veterinarians and Rehabilitation experts. Whole hearted devotion and work by this core group on various aspects of R&D, manufacturing, finance and marketing resulted in birth of a company Innovation India in the year 2009.

Innovation India has been established with a clear cut mandate to minimize the suffering of animals and bringing the veterinary markets and products, manufactures, brands, technologies and applications together. Our vision is to become the preferred supplier and business partner in the veterinary world. Our mission is to produce, market, sell and distribute products that improve animal well-being and help those who work with animals to better working conditions. Our core competency is to supply innovative solutions and products with uncompromising service, whereby we create unique market access and active recommendations from opinion leaders and customers. Presently we are providing the best possible rehabilitation aids like wheelchairs, slings, artificial limbs, abdominal wraps, muzzles, splints, braces and pet vests etc. for disabled pets at nominal costs elsewhere in India. Close association with NGO’s, Teaching Professors, Research Scientists, Research Scholars, Veterinary Practitioners, Rehabilitation Specialists, Dog Breeders and Pet Owners under the leadership of Innovation India is playing a vital role in improvising animal welfare standards in India.

The most common reaction we get from people when they hear about us is "If only I had known about you before I put my dog to sleep..." We need to reach people. We need to tell them that there are alternatives and Veterinary rehabilitation is full of alternatives. Rehabilitation means to restore ability. Rehabilitation science is very old and well established in human medicine but it is much underutilized in veterinary, especially in India. Innovation India with the help of its affiliates and subsidiaries, want to help pet animals to restore their ability to live, improve their life style and well being, by providing rehabilitation aids and other accessories required by them, in India itself.

A large pet population in India is suffering from limb/leg affections. It is a routine case in a pet clinic or veterinary hospital. Hind quarter weakness and paralysis can occur due to various causes like accident, old age, trauma, neoplasia, tick paralysis, malnutrition, obesity, neurological and degenerative diseases etc. Paralysis leads to recumbency and animal cannot lift itself on limbs. Due to the multiple etiology of the problem, many a times a definitive treatment is not possible, but rehabilitation science has definite answer for such animals. Rehabilitation aids like slings and wheel carts if provided to affected animals at proper time, such worse condition and complications can be prevented. We, at Innovation India are working to help such animals. Similarly artificial limbs for amputation cases, splints and external fixatures for fracture cases, Abdominal wraps, Collapsible and Elizabethan collars for post surgical management and many more rehabilitation aids have been already developed and launched by Innovation India.

It is a high time now that we look for such available options for the pets. Rehabilitation aids if required by the animals is must and every pet has a right to get them and live their life in a better way. We at Innovation India want to help these speechless animals, who are rendering their services to the mankind since time immemorial. In addition, not much people know about rehabilitation of animals and don’t know if such aids are available for the animals. People are unaware of the fact that these aids act as a catalyst for recovery and can do wonders in hopeless cases. To overcome this lack of awareness, we are on a nationwide campaign by making network with a number of leading Veterinary Practitioners, NGOs, Research Institutions, Veterinary hospitals and Animal Welfare Societies. With our effort and their help, we are providing our services to the needy animals elsewhere in India. We thanks for the help rendered by media personels, for providing various platforms to reach a huge quantum of concerned people.  Now people in India have also started realizing the need of rehabilitation and contacting us for the help. We are becoming more aware of the sacredness of all life. We are beginning to understand the power of the loving bond that is created when one living thing cares for another. Our pets have become family members and deserve to be loved, respected, and cherished.  We are available online at through which one can avail the facilities rendered by us.